Tribal Economic Impact 2018 - Page 15

Northeast Tech culinary instructor Jenean Perryman said some of her high school students take the culinary classes so they can work their way through college. They may not work in the industry as a career, but it’s a paying job where positions are always available. Northeast Tech is based in Pryor, but the culinary program operates out of Afton. She has two casino chefs on her advisory board. Because casinos have good financial backing, they often have the latest and greatest technology in the industry. Those chefs can help make sure NE Tech students know what will be demanded of them. “I have many, many former students working in casinos,” Perryman said. “We have definitely seen a better (job) situation for our students. Casinos are able to offer more in terms of insurance, retirement, and vacation time. Before that, people in restaurants hardly e