Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report 2013 - Page 9

JOANNA This was the most exciting yet frightening day yet. We are finally getting on are bikes! We got up at 5 in the morning. The girls and I needed all the time we could find to get ready. The first thing we did was put away are sleeping pads, and pack everything so we could hurry up and put the tent away. During all this process I wasn't even excited to get on the bikes anymore, I was scared! For breakfast we ate a muffin and had a banana. Right when I herd Kevin say, "Okay, let's go!" My heart was pounding! I did not want to peddle onto that road. JOSE Jun 1 4 Morning We finally got out onto the rode. We were on our bikes, the feeling was amazing. The open road with nothing but the beauty of nature surrounding us all around. The feeling of being in nature that I had never paid attention to before. I felt like I had been cheated on all other travels because when I rode by in the car I paid little to no attention to the surroundings and I never really stopped and look to appreciate the scenery . Its a Life changing moment when you realize that the smallest things can make a difference or in this case the huge things you ignore on the road. FERNANDO Spoke' n Revol utions Youth Cycl ist visiting the original King Biscuit Rad io H our station in West H el ena, AR in the heart of the Arkansa Bl ues Del ta region. Riding the first couple of days were physically challenging but I think the mental part of it was the most difficult part of riding. Also because I had fractured my wrist right before I went on the trip and I couldn't do anything to train for this tour but I can't really blame that because nobody really had that much training anyways, but that was a big mental Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report | Page 9