Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report 2013 - Page 13

ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS On behalf of the Triangle Bikeworks Board of Directors we thank you, our community of donors and volunteers, for a great year of youth cycling. It was a great year because of people like Christy Quirk who quickly came to the aid of the TBW Cyclocross youth when the weather changed from mild to COLD. Christy purchased sleeves and leg warmers from Performance Bike so the kids wouldn't be extremely uncomfortable before, during and after their races; Tod Andrews and his friends, who never refuse to come through for requests of cycling clothing, bike parts, and money for the youth; Gaynor Collester, who provides cycling kits for the summer tours; community members like Greg Hohn and Suzie Hozman who believe in the youth so much that they've contributed twice in 201 3. Gifts from these kind individuals and many others are what keeps the youth both active and outdoors. This year's cyclocross events opened our eyes to a growing number of youth who are excited to be on bicycles and are proud to be athletes. For them the bike is no longer a " kid” thing. They are accomplishing all that their minds and bodies will allow. At Triangle Bikeworks we appreciate that we are given the opportunity to provide youth their moment to succeed. It's not about how old or new the bike is or cycling until you can't pedal one more revolution. It's about the enjoyment of nature, discovering yourself and having fun; and we always encourage the fun. The bike is just the vehicle we choose to bring on the transformation. Given the right circumstances, broadening their horizons and making transformation can and will have global effects. The confidence we build in youth today will have a huge positive effect on them and those around them. " As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one." We are excited by the prospect that we can continue offering opportunities for personal transformation and grateful for the community support we get in order to do this work. You, our friends and donors, have faithfully supported the youth in our programs. Even on short notice. And for that, we are thankful. You are truly revolutionary! Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report | Page 13