Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report 2013 - Page 10

aspect that made me think I couldn't do it. That did not hold me back though, because I have ridden every single day of the tour and have been on my bike the whole time and haven't gotten in the van yet which is a good accomplishment for me. JOSE Jun 1 4 afternoon Well, I don't know where to start about today I just witnessed the weirdest thing that can happen on the road. We were riding to Roy's cabin and we where on the side on the road eating lunch and taking a breather when a van and a motorcycle pull over near us. There was a family of six and the eldest lady who was less then 50 feet away looks at us and pulls her pants down. We are wondering what is going to happen next. We thought she was just going to pee but it was far worse. She just took a dump while we were looking!!! What went through my head was, "Well, we aren't in North Carolina anymore..." ALI They go out of their way to help strangers, which is what we are to them. The town we decided to make our "sister city" (which means we go out and help the town) is Rosedale, MS. The town was small but had very friendly people. JOANNA After lunch was over we continued biking. I kept up with the same speed as I did earlier. We were supposed to bike almost 60 miles. I kept up again with the "big boys" we were making our way to the Grand Gulf Military State Park. When we reached highway 61 Mr. Brogden wanted to sing a song for us (we made sure to record it) the song was really funny. It also made Mr. Brogden laugh so that made me smile. ALI S ta x M u s e u m The other night (6/1 8) was beautiful. I mean besides being eating alive by, like 30 mosquitoes that fell into our (Me, Mujahid , Jose and Fernando) tent. The sight I saw in the early morning of Mississippi, was stunning! We then we unzipped the rain fly , and the first thing my eyes notice was the most beautiful, most Vibrant stars I had ever seen. Their twinkle brought joy to my heart, and amazement to JEIMY One of my favorite activities was going to Stax Records and learning my eyes. I honestly couldn’t believe it! It was so pretty! The sky was full of them. When we came back from the restroom I couldn’t keep more about the blues and the rich music history found in Memphis. my head down. That was one of the most amazing nights of my life, just because of that. FERNANDO JAZMINE The towns we have been to have been amazing these past weeks. After our drive from Chester to St Louis the first activity on our schedule was witnessing a naturalization ceremony. 50 people became citizens of the United States of America and they were all Triangle Bikeworks Annual Report | Page 10