Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 89

And similarly, there’s a clear line between old and new on the interior. Stepping through from the existing living room to the new family room, ornate ceilings, skirting boards and stained glass windows give way to clean, crisp lines and floor-to-ceiling glass sliders. “Natural wood floors and pristine white walls run through both areas, creating a visual connection between old and new,” says Simons. “The addition also includes steps that accom- modate the property’s sloping site without need for a drop from deck to backyard.” The renovation contains three key living Above and left: In the details – the original part of the home has all its original classic detailing, from ornate stained glass windows to high skirting boards. The palette of natural wood floors and pristine white walls continues through the old and new areas of the home, helping to draw the architecturally distinct styles together. search | save | share at