Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 85

Outdoor advantage Enjoying your outdoor entertaining spaces doesn’t stop with baking sunshine or a shower – advanced, high-strength awnings from Johnson & Couzins put you in control of your al fresco spaces Every square metre of your home has cost you valuable money, so it pays to make optimum use of all the space that you can – including your outdoor living spaces. Johnson & Couzins offers a wide range of quality outdoor living solutions that ensure your al fresco entertainment spaces can be enjoyed come rain or shine, says Auckland general manager John Segalla. “Besides our own patented, retractable SkyLouvres, Johnson & Couzins also offers high quality awnings,” says Segalla. “These include our Cabriolet and Euro awnings. Manufactured to the highest European and New Zealand standards with a combina- tion of stainless steel, A-grade aluminium and acetal bearings, these awnings offer stylish protection from rain and sunshine.” The firm’s Plaza awnings are made from the same quality materials and can be installed in a variety of settings – be it between two posts or between structures. Plaza arm extensions are also available, with a coverage of between 12 and 14m 2 . All awnings come with either manual, motorised or remote control operation and wind sensors. Sun sensors are available for total automated control of your awnings. For more detailed information, contact Johnson & Couzins, phone: (03) 366 4083. Email:, or head online: save and share online: search 229120191 at Above: Modern design, quality fixings and premium acrylic canvas in the colour of your choice go into durable designer awnings from Johnson & Couzins. search | save | share at