Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 81

The light-filled, living-dining-kitchen space is the star of the home. The kitchen has a marble island with a bevelled benchtop that provides for casual seating, while the rear cabinetry extends the use of plywood. A window splashback throws natural light onto kitchen worksurfaces. Most arresting, though, are the room’s many links to the outdoors. Decks reach out to views to the north, east and west – so there’s always a sheltered spot despite Taranaki’s changeable weather. Plus, the deck that tucks in between the master suite and living zone has roof louvres, effectively creating an outdoor living room. Facing page top: The bevelled kitchen island front is under-lit to emphasise the design. Plywood cabinetry extends the use of this sustainable material in the home. Facing page lower: The west-facing deck has its own pebble roof garden while the east deck has a louvred roof. Above, left and following pages: The outdoor living areas, north and covered east deck included, further extend the size of the living spaces. search | save | share at