Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 57

public areas it was important that it achieved a balancing act between being understated – so as to not make the interiors look too busy – and offering a refined presence.” The design outcome was a rich, two-tone kitchen that’s quiet but not minimalist. “The simple palette is white and brown – the rich brown of textured laminated boards matched with white engineered stone, waterfall countertops,” says Saunders. “While waterfall ends are often seen as a luxurious inclusion, in some ways they simplify the form of the island and perimeter lower cabinetry – enriching and streamlining the kitchen at the same time.” Recessed cabinetry handles add to the pared back look and also accentuate the presence of the dark cabinetry faces. Mirrored splashbacks contribute to the sense of space, reflect the out- side views and, of course, bounce more valuable natural light through the space. “Limestone floor tiles run right through the indoor and outdoor areas, adding to the overall sense of connection,” Saunders says. The contemporary kitchen project is green at heart, too, going beyond Western Australia’s sustainability standards for small-lot living. Facing page top: Mirror splashbacks add to the sense of space and reflect light through the corner kitchen. Facing page lower: A hidden laundry is accessed via a door set within the laminate cabinetry, left of the fridge. Above: Sliding doors in front of the kitchen open directly to the home’s glass-walled courtyard. search | save | share at