Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 3

Is it time to REPLACE? There’s no denying that having a heat pump makes life so much more comfortable during the New Zealand winter. However, there comes a time when your trusty old ducted system just doesn’t perform as well as it once did. Excessive noise, costly repairs, unusually high energy costs and uneven heating and cooling are some signs that your old unit might be on the way out. The good news is ... The Daikin Premium Inverter can be retrofitted onto an existing R22 system by simply replacing both the indoor and outdoor units whilst retaining the field piping intact*. This allows for a convenient and cost effective way of upgrading an existing system that may be reaching the end of its useful operating life. Even better ... advances in Daikin’s air conditioning technologies have greatly improved energy efficiency. LOWER running costs Our Research and Development team compared the average running costs of an old Daikin ducted system model and Daikin’s current Premium Inverter ducted system. This comparison was based on 200 hours of running time from both options at an electricity cost of 28.79 c kW/h.** HEATING COOLING HEATING ELECTRICITY USED in 200 H 1144 kW/h 1102 kW/h 826 kW/h TOTAL COST at 28.79 c kW/h $329.36 $317.27 COOLING ELECTRICITY USED in 200 H 858 kW/h TOTAL COST at 28.79 c kW/h Savings: $237.81 $247.02 28% 22% Prior to undertaking a changeover of an existing R22 system, the system must be assessed for suitability by a Daikin specialist dealer. * Electricity tariffs based on the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Annual Residential Sales Based Electricity ** Cost Data December 2017. FDYQ140 selected to provide equivalent capacity to 2000 model FDY125. Rated values on FDY125FV1B / RY125KUY1 at 13.5kW adjusted by 4% to likely actual value of 12.96kW. Prior to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) regulations, there was some performance overstating by the market. Rated Capacity on FDYQ140LBV1 / RZQS140AV1 (inverter) was reduced to match capacity of 2000 model. | 0800 20 90 10