Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 22

Natural sanctuary With a bathing zone that makes the most of leafy outlooks, and featuring travertine walls and floors, this ensuite has the air of a private, calm oasis Previous pages: Black beauty – on this master ensuite by Lloyd Hartley Architects, the sculptural tub has the feel of being set apart and surrounded by nature. The bathtub tonally matches the custom powdercoated fittings and fixtures seen throughout the home. Above: To the rear of the bathroom, the shower and toilet areas are fronted in textured glass doors to bring privacy but also to admit light. search | save | share at When your days are full-on, a tranquil ensuite provides the ultimate respite from the world. Such was the requirement and outcome with this restful bathroom design by Ben Lloyd and Mike Hartley of Lloyd Hartley Architects who undertook a full renovation of this 1960s home. “By positioning the ensuite at the rear of the home, we were able to take advantage of views out onto a planted hillside,” says Lloyd. “Plus this area of the property has a large Pohutukawa tree that contributes to the views and creates ever-changing light conditions in the ensuite.” The master ensuite opens up to this verdant environment with full height windows and a skylight that spans over the shower stall. And by lighting the Pohutukawa and the lower land- scaping at night this effect is amplified. The modest-sized ensuite has a linear layout with the bathing zone at the outer end of the space and the shower stall and toilet cubicle at the other end. Operable vertical black louvres in the bath area let the bather control privacy and views. And privacy for the ground-floor space is also addressed with roller blinds on tracks that are discreetly recessed into the ceiling. Black, sculptural, and standing apart, the