Trends New Zealand Volume 34 No 4 - Page 103

the upstairs and downstairs. As one example, a wood display unit at ground level rises up and turns into a double-sided shelving unit in the upstairs study. “The bookcase sits in one of two open voids in the home – these areas are glassed off in the upstairs spaces to avoid heat build-up from the lower floor,” he says. “The staircase in the other void is designed in a combination of wood and steel – the wooden treads to suit one owner and the underpinning steel to avoid a vertiginous effect for the other.” Material connections are everywhere in Above: Going up – in one of the home’s two-level voids, a timber display unit at ground level rises up to become double-sided shelving on the floor above – one of many thematic connections in the home. Seen in the foreground, a padded material fireplace surround in the lounge area adds a cosy feel and helps dampen noise levels. search | save | share at