Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 86

Bathroom budgeting What are some of the budget-related things to keep in mind when delving into a bathroom project? Whether it’s a renovation or a bathroom in a new home, we always want some- thing that’s well designed. But how do you approach a project on a budget? It’s easier than you think. The first and most important step for keeping your outlay down is to minimise changes to the layout. Nothing will rack up costs faster than swapping the shower and vanity or pulling out a bathtub. This is because reworking the layout often means getting in a plumber to moving the plumb- ing around and sometimes even getting in search | save | share at an electrician to install or remove power outlets. However, if the main problem with your existing bathroom is its poor layout, be prepared to change it. With showers, opt for a simple box design with a wall mounted showerhead. And choosing flexible showerheads is an affordable way to up the functionality. There are also some easy ways to save when it comes to energy use and your bathroom lighting. One option is to replace your existing bulbs with LEDs. Another is to install a ceiling fan extractor unit that includes lights and a heater. So, if you’re ready to delve into your next bathroom project, there’s no better place to start than Trends Bathroom – a dedicated section of our website packed with ideas, inspiration, articles and inter- views with designers. This page: A selection of inspirational bathroom projects from Trends Bathroom Find out more at Trends Bathroom: