Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 83

provides an ideal transition between the bathroom and bedroom. “The reconfigured space now feels so much more generous,” says Antoni. Despite the open plan nature, the three areas are still very clearly defined, helped by the decision to raise the bathroom floor up one step. Adding to the demarcation is the change to travertine-look tiles on the floor of the bathroom platform, with the same tiles also used on the vanity splashback, the wall behind the bath tub and in the shower. “So when in the bathroom, you feel you are definitely in another space, yet still feel part of the overall experience.” While the toilet sits behind a nib wall to give some degree of privacy, the bath, vanity and – to some extent – the shower are open to the rest of the suite. “It may sound a bit clichéd, but every time I go into that space, it feels like I’m on holiday at some beautiful resort,” says Antoni. “And having the connections to views on both sides gives it a tranquil, Zen-like feel.” Facing page, lower: While the renovated bedroom, bathroom and dressing room now form one large open-plan space, each still has a sense of being its own distinct area. This is helped by placing the new bathroom on a raised platform and changing the flooring to travertine-look tiles. Above: The new bathroom is completely open to the dressing room and to the bedroom, with views beyond. There are also views from the shower to the back garden and pool. The toilet is behind the nib wall, providing a degree of privacy to that area. search | save | share at