Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 61

World of options

A global leader in appliances is now making its presence felt in New Zealand – Midea is a game-changer for kitchens and laundries in this country
Occasionally , our designers get a major boost from a new international player on the appliance scene . And now is such a time .
The name may be new to a lot of New Zealanders , but Midea was established 49 years ago and today exports to around 200 nations . It is the global number one microwave manufacturer and the number one manufacturer in China for both kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners .
Midea arrived in New Zealand in 2016 with its own branded products , and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of large and small kitchen appliances – from state-of-the-art ovens , cooktops and rangehoods to fridges , freezers , washing machines and dryers . And the list goes on .
Midea ’ s company principle is creating value for customers and it is committed to continued and rigorous R & D to improve product quality and customer service .
The global player invests in the best of other companies to help achieve this , too . Its acquisitions include German high-tech robotics company Kuda ; whiteware firm Toshiba ; and air-conditioning giant Carrier .
Midea ’ s appliances including robotics and smart appliances with wi-fi functions that ‘ talk to each other ’– offering a leading edge in quality innovation and reliability .
For Midea ’ s ranges , and where to buy them go to : www . mideaappliances . co . nz
see more online : search 49624 or midea at Trendsideas . com
This page : Midea ’ s extensive R & D research and investments in the latest and best technologies has created world-beating appliances for New Zealand .
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