Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 47

walkway at the top of a new feature steel stair. Together with its rearranged interior spaces and the addition, the residence now has a brand new exterior presence that balances the home’s sense of strength with softer elements. “With the addition facing onto the street we wanted to create a degree of privacy here while still admitting natural light and allowing for views out. Our answer was to add an exterior layer of partitioned metal shelves, with each of the 102 cubbyholes occupied by a single ceramic olive tree pot, all created by local artists.” This geometric facade with its miniature sculptural insertions connects to the new steel framing on the home, and another feature, too – a hanging iron staircase. This provides access up to the new multipurpose room one way and the upstairs master bedroom the other. “The stair’s suspended design allows for a small amount of movement that is experienced as you walk up it,” says the architect. “However the wealth of metal on the home is balanced by the organic look of the ceramic olive trees and by two ornamental koi ponds – one set almost directly beneath the stairs and the other to the side of the now-simplified two-car carport.” Facing page: An under-used down- stairs lounge has been repurposed as a bedroom. The chic powder room is also on this level, while the master dressing room is on the floor above. Legend: 1 entrance, 2 parking, 3 pond, 4 foyer, 5 living area, 6 dining area, 7 kitchen, 8 storage, 9 powder room, 10 bedroom, 11 bathroom, 12 stairs, 13 master bedroom, 14 master bath- room, 15 walk-in wardrobe, 16 balcony, 17 laundry, 18 new multi-purpose area. search | save | share at