Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 43

cabinetry. The cabinetry adds a traditional air to the room, appropriate to its new use as a com- bined bedroom and living area for the owners’ parents who were coming to live with him. A minor surprise for guests at this ground level is a powder room next to the parents’ new bedroom. This has a feature wall tile that reflects a feng shui-friendly pattern, as does the diamond shaped flooring in the main living area. The existing upper level of the home was reworked to achieve the feel of a self-contained penthouse, consisting of a master bedroom, dressing room, connected bathroom and private living area. The dressing room achieves an air of luxury with a cove ceiling, candelabra and cen- tral cabinet. However, all this work was only part of the architect’s transformation of the home in search of increased functionality and living space. “To add to the overall size of the home, we also simplified the garage area at the front of the home – removing an old pole structure – and built a new steel-framed, multi-purpose living area level on top of the substantial garage.” The new garage-top space is also connected back to the upstairs of the main home by a steel Above: The entry approach to the renovated home has also been given a dramatic makeover. The entire garage area has been stripped of clutter and, along with the new access stair, two koi ponds and plantings have been introduced. These add natural touches to the predominance of cool steel on the window frames and upstairs facade. Koi fish are associated with abundance and wealth under feng shui design principles. search | save | share at