Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 12

Concrete ideas Raw materials left in their natural state and a novel approach to layout are key elements in the design of this award-winning home The phrase ‘form follows function’ has been the mantra of modern architecture for well over a century. And one of its most celebrated proponents, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, takes this principle even further – “... determining form by way of the nature of materials...” It’s an apt description of the approach taken by architect Vaughn McQuarrie for the design of this award-winning island home. “The owners really liked board-formed concrete and concrete in general,” says search | save | share at McQuarrie. “They wanted surfaces in their new home to have depth and texture, rather than be flat, painted manicured ones.” The owners also had some interesting design influences that they wanted him to consider. “They asked for grand spaces and a high stud,” he says. “They liked the vol- umes you get in churches. Plus they were quite keen on boatshed shapes.” And because they entertain a lot, they needed accommodation for guests to stay, but wanted the guest area to be separated off so that they had their own space too. A relatively flat section at the northern, street end of the long narrow site was the natural position for the home. The site then drops down to the south, giving views out to the bay below. An existing house and outbuildings on the site were moved away – except for one concrete outbuilding which the owners asked to be retained. McQuarrie says the starting points for homes he designs include sun and views. “I want to capture as much winter sun