Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 104

Architect: Eva-Marie Prineas, Architect Prineas Wall cabinet: Mirror fronts, black melamine interior Utility shelf in shower: Black steel Basin: Villeroy & Boch Taps: Astra Walker Shower fittings: Rogerseller showerhead, Astra Walker shower mixer Toilet and accessories: Rogerseller Floor and ceiling: Turpentine timber battens Walls: White mosaic tiles from Bettertiles Lighting: Concealed LED lighting Awards: Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Bathrooms – Highly Commended Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Chris Warnes save and share online: search 49695 at see more: search “tida bathrooms” at Above : A space-hogging tub was removed in the renovation and a large rainhead shower introduced by the window. White mosaics help keep the bathroom light and bright and provide a perfect contrast to the wood batten floor and ceiling. The black utility ledge and wall mixer are modern interpretations of the apartment’s classic Art Deco style. The original sash windows were retained in the comprehensive upgrade. search | save | share at bed platform was an essential factor in the re-planning of the apartment’s amenities. “The bathroom floor level was raised to match that of the bed platform, allow- ing the kitchenette’s plumbing to be relocated from it’s original position to the entry space,” Prineas says. The length of the original bathroom was slightly reduced to gain more space for the kitchenette’s new position in the entry. A floating batten timber floor and ceiling creates the illusion of depth and space and extends the aesthetics of the living and sleeping areas into the bathroom. The custom timber battens are rounded in profile and produce a sense of warmth and tactility underfoot, helping give the new bathroom the look and feel of a sauna. Bespoke black steel elements in the studio – modern iterations of the Deco style – extend into the bathroom through the black fittings and a custom black shelf. “The entry to the reconfigured studio now opens to the kitchen, with the bath- room accessed via the sleeping area,” says the architect.