Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 7 - Page 102

Before After Shape shifter This contemporary bathroom is part of a dramatic reallocation of space in a tiny-sized studio Before: 1 Studio entry, 2 murphy bed/living area, 3 kitchenette, 4 bathroom After: 1 kitchen/entry, 2 living area, 3 sleeping area, 4 robe area, 5 bathroom Above right and facing page: This reworked studio space by Architect Prineas vastly improves the flow and functionality, including moving the bathroom entry to be directly off the reconfigured bedroom. LED lighting washes a plasterboard ceiling above the timber battens to produce a dynamic light quality. search | save | share at Having the bath in full view as you enter your apartment might not be the ideal for everyone. But that was the set-up in this 22m 2 studio, until a makeover by Architect Prineas reconfigured the space, adding privacy and practicality to the bathroom. The original studio had suffered from poor planning – including an over-size, under-utilised entry, a kitchen set along the studio’s only window wall and a lack of definition across the sleeping and living spaces, says principal Eva-Marie Prineas. For this comprehensive renovation, the owner brief included improving the function and flow of the space while at the same time preserving the apartment’s original Art Deco fabric. “Rearranging the studio’s entry and living spaces was integral to avoiding the bathroom being on view on arrival. A plywood platform was designed to sit within the existing envelope of the studio, utilising the generous ceiling height to create a level change that helps define new living and sleeping zones. The change in level created by the new