Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 92

Natural selection For a soft, warm, quiet and insulating flooring solution, natural, 100% sustainable cork tiles offer a winning solution Above: This upmarket St Marys Bay home in Auckland benefits from the warmth, quiet, and tactile pleasure of a cork tile floor by Cork Concepts, available from Creative Flooring. The natural flooring option is ideal for families where young children spend a lot of time on the floor as it is soft to the touch as well as being warm. Cork floors are ideal for laundries too as cork is impervious to liquids – just think of the stopper on that cellared wine bottle. search | save | share at Today, cork has fully come into its own as a versatile floor and wall solution for architects, designers, and homeowners. This highly ‘green’ product has many features to recommend it. Cork Concepts cork flooring from Creative Flooring comes in an array of colours, tile sizes, shapes and patterns, with a solution for every decor, says company director Garth Dye. “The tiles can be also be custom matched to any Resene paint or produced in decorative pat- terns to suit your design scheme,” says Dye. “With today’s processes, it’s also pretty hard to actually tell cork tiles from any other tile – the best way is to simply bend down and take off your shoes. Cork is pleasingly warm underfoot and soft to the touch – ideal for young families. “Its inherent thermal and sound insulation properties also make for very quiet, snug spaces.” Cork has earned its name as a performance material because each square centimetre holds millions of sealed air filled cells – making it soft, warm and quietly brilliant for sound proofing. However, in an increasingly green-focussed world, it’s another aspect of cork’s natural make-up that makes it such a popular choice. “Harvested from the bark of an oak tree,