Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 75

When designing a living area extension for a period home, the issue of harmony is always likely to arise. One way forward is to simply celebrate the difference, letting the add-on stand out in bold contrast to the classic lines of the original home. This 1920s cottage with its prim white weatherboards and traditional hip roof was charming and cheerful prior to this renovation. However, space was limited. The young family required an extension that would give them room to breathe and a better connection to the rear garden. Above: An historic cottage at the front gives way to a new contemporary living and master bedroom volume at the rear – the essence of this dramatic renovation and extension project by architecture firm Box. While the contrast between traditional and modern is played up overall, proportionally the old and new are in balance. The scale of the extension matches that of the existing residence. Left: Spot the time difference – an important part of the project, the garage is also a new addition. But unlike the rear add-on, this is designed to match the cottage, as both are seen from the street. search | save | share at