Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 70

Previous pages: The living room in the west wing has a contemporary yet cosy feel. Deep balcony overhangs mean the decks act as an extension of the indoor living spaces and are in use year round. Above: The kitchen is a step up from the living spaces so the views aren’t compromised when cooking. The conveniently close double garage is two steps down in the other direction. Walnut cabinetry matches other built-in cabinetry in the home as well as doors and door frames. search | save | share at separates the house neatly into two wings both upstairs and downstairs. In terms of use, the home divides into four sections – the wings to left and right upstairs and the corresponding volumes downstairs. All four volumes are entered from the atrium via large wall openings that can be closed off by pocket doors. To future-proof the home for the couple, all living can be on the upper floor. The wing to the left contains the garage, kitchen, dining area and family room. The run of rooms ends in a cantilevered deck that offers spectacular views of the river. In fact, the layout optimises views from further back, too, with the kitchen raised by a step from the dining area. This allows the chef to look over the living room furniture to the river views beyond while cooking. The opposite wing on this upper level is home to the master suite. This includes a study and reading room at the street end, followed by the walk-in-wardrobe, large ensuite, the master bedroom and stacker doors opening to the deck beyond that.