Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 6

KITCHEN HOME BATHROOM Home is where the heart is, but what we love about a house varies for person to person. Is your ideal home one with classical Georgian elegance ... or a family home for relaxed suburban living ... or maybe an expansive coastal holiday villa? To help you create the new home – or kitchen or bathroom – you've always wanted, we’ve collected some of the latest design and product ideas in this issue of Trends. But you're not limited to what you'll find on the following pages – you also have access to much, much more when you head to the Trends website at There you'll find a wealth of design ideas and solutions in our 160,000 images, nearly 19,000 articles and 870 videos. And when you’re ready to start your home design project, we can put you in touch instantly with professionals and companies who can help to make all your final selections easier. Join us today on where you'll discover a whole new world of design inspiration! HIGHLIGHTS Editor Paul Taylor – Sales Judy Johnson – Costas Dedes – Leslie Johnson – Rachel Watts – Tammy Li – Conical island ends echoing a distinctive roof form on the home are a feature of this user-friendly kitchen design by Celia Visser. Head to to find more kitchen island ideas. This home optimises sea views for the owners and also for the house behind it – both were built by Fowler Homes from supplied plans. Find more from Fowler Homes at Feature surfaces connect the past with the present in this upmarket renovation by designer Leslie Lamarre. You'll see more examples of marble used in bathrooms at More ideas, information and inspiration, plus the full multimedia experience at Email Phone + 64 9 571 5700 ISSN 1175 5121 (Print) ISSN 2230 6927 (Digital) All rights reserved. myTrends HOME is subject to copyright in its entirety. The contents may not be reproduced in any form, either in whole or in part, without written permission of the Publisher. No responsibility is accepted for unsolicited material, nor for loss of submitted manuscripts, photographs or artwork. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors, not necessarily those of myTrends HOME. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions or for any consequences of reliance on this publication. Trends proudly promotes great ideas, products and services on every page