Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 38

Open hearted This revamp of a tired, enclosed kitchen results in an open, welcoming space with refined cabinets and elegant inter-room connections Above: With removal of walls, this renovation by Kira Gray of Fyfe Kitchens opens the new kitchen up to sea views. Mosaic tile splashbacks brighten what could have been dull corners of the room, drawing the eye into the space and adding depth. Stainless steel cabinetry handles complement the stainless steel shelving and add a masculine touch to the reinvented space. search | save | share at Imagine a spacious seaside apartment with poor connections to the views. That was just one factor of many addressed in this major kitchen renovation by experienced designer Kira Gray. “On this revamp, the existing kitchen had become dated, lacked storage and was shut away from both the lounge and sea views. Accessed through one door, the space also included a laun- dry area that interrupted the kitchen’s flow.” Besides accessing the sea views, the owners wanted the new design to feature a simple island with no inserts, offer plenty of storage, and still retain a laundry. It also needed to provide casual seating for two and have defined areas of use. “In terms of aesthetics, they wanted a warm, masculine look, with a bling factor,” Gray says. In response, Fyfe Kitchens’ award-winning designer first removed walls, to create one large space. Wood and glass cavity sliders were installed at the entry to the kitchen, creating a direct view through from the lounge to the sea. “We positioned the cantilevered island with seating in the centre, to create a feeling of space,” she says. “Plus, we lined the walls with tall cabinets, greatly enhancing storage options.” Gray also reworked the prep and cooking