Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 119

Several design constraints helped shape this high-end bathroom by designer Leslie Lamarre of TRG Architecture + Interior Design. “Our brief for this project was to transform a chaotic bathroom and wardrobe space into a contemporary, luxurious and masculine master bathroom for a high-powered executive couple. “The owners requested an expansive closet space – enough room for at least 200 pairs of shoes – and a black and white colour scheme. Design challenges for Lamarre included working with the unusually tall 3.65m ceiling height and retaining the existing window with its view of a redwood grove – this was the only natural light source in the room. At the same time, the modern look had to work well with the home’s traditional architecture. In response, the design team introduced a dramatic black marble slab to anchor the space and backdrop its focal-point – the free-standing tub. The slab continues up to the lofty ceiling, visually connecting it to the floor. In contrast, a quiet white marble covers the wet walls. “While used in a modern form, the black and white marbles are classic materials that fit well with the home’s architecture,” Lamarre says. Previous pages: This pampering bathroom by TRG Architecure + Interior Design combines dramatic looks with crisp functionality. The window is framed in black marble, matching the slab behind the tub. Facing page: The vanity area is walled in silver-backed glass tiles with the spacious new walk-in wardrobe directly behind. Above: The floor-mounted towel warmer serves the shower and tub . search | save | share at