Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 4 - Page 104

Above: The bedroom was originally going to be separated from the ensuite by a glass wall. However, on completion, the home-owners chose to leave the space completely open to make the most of the bathroom’s visual impact. An airconditioning unit is integrated into the horizontal flutes on the privacy wall. search | save | share at The centrepiece vanity is backdropped by a dramatic floor-to-ceiling privacy wall featuring double mirrors and fluted beechwood surfaces. An airconditioning unit is seamlessly integrated into the horizontal flutes at the top of the wall. A nearby, almost room-height cupboard, also fronted with smokey mirrors, has internal shelves shaped for specific items. This itemised approach makes the storage feel luxurious and helps keep everything tidy even when the user is pressed for time. To complete the innovative storage options, there’s even a laundry basket concealed within the privacy wall. The shower, bidet and toilet zone behind the wall is in a continuation of the carrara marble. However, it’s all the freestanding elements seen together – the curvaceous tub and its floor- mounted filler, the almost industrial double vanity, and the privacy wall – that lead the eye to see the space in terms of sculptural abstract forms rather than just a functional space. “As well as the entry from the hall, there’s an opening directly from the bedroom – this was to be glazed but the owners loved the look of the bathroom so much that they left the areas open to each other,” House says.