Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 98

Previous pages: Clad in gracefully aging cedar, this home by Dalman Architecture is situated on top of a hill to optimise lake and mountains views. The layout is configured so that the full extent of the generous-sized house – and the landscape – is not fully appreciated until you enter the home. The natural landscape has been allowed to advance up to the edge of the residence, so the house integrates seamlessly into its environment. search | save | share at It’s not uncommon for an internal blade wall or even a turn in an entry hall to delay the reveal of a home’s layout and views. This contemporary design takes that concept a giant step further with the entire house keeping you in suspense. Designed by architects Richard Dalman and Erica Brouard the five-bedroom family home sits on top of a rolling hill. This rather exposed site offers expansive views toward the Southern Alps, Lake Ellesmere and surrounding farmland. “The residence is configured to reveal itself on approach – disguising the overall size from first view,” says Dalman. “It has been assembled as three main structures – each one containing different functions.” These forms are positioned one behind the other, surrounding the head of the hill. Each element or wing is revealed in turn as you approach up the long driveway. All three wings are linked by a central gal- lery space which hides the views beyond. These are not seen until family or guests enter through the flush front door. “Intimate connections to the outlooks