Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 71

While building a home on the crest of a hill gives the opportunity to make the most of the surrounding views, there can also be potential disadvantages – such as the lack of privacy that may result from being in such a prominent position. Addressing that concern was a key factor that architects ARRCC needed to consider when designing the home fea- tured here, along with the challenges presented by the extremely steep site. Interior architect Michele Rhoda says the site’s northerly orientation meant the whole house could maximise sunlight and the expansive city views. “But the owners are very private people so the design had to allow them to open up the house and live outdoors with- out people being able to see them from the street side,” she says. The solution was to lay out the house in an L-shape, with cantilevered concrete elements to give it strong sculptural form. Tucked in between the arms of the L, an organically shaped pool creates a strong contrast to the home’s two rigid wings. Previous pages: Set on the crest of a hill, this new home by architects ARRCC opens up to sweeping city views. Yet the house is designed to maintain privacy for its owners whether they are inside or enjoying the outdoor living facilities. Facing page: The entrance cube and the cantilevered bedroom floor are clad in smooth shutter faced concrete. Natural stone cladding on the level in between provides privacy to the home’s main living area. Above: The shuttered concrete surface continues on the walls and ceiling inside the entrance cube. search | save | share at