Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 25

example, the recessed aluminium handles have a cool, modern tone, matching the flat doors. Marble-look engineered stone countertops add to the classic side of things, with a waterfall end showing off the richness of the veined stone patterning to the living spaces. “As the kitchen has a modest footprint and is close to several public areas, I designed the island with fixable castors. This means it can be fixed in place or, with locks released, it can be rolled closer to the dining area or outdoor room. The island’s external stainless steel frame works well with the strip recessed cabinetry handles.” In terms of cooking function, the kitchen’s classic oven and fridge are matched by modern wall ovens and an industrial-size Scope fridge in the scullery. Plus, the scullery has a double butler’s sink to match the one in the kitchen. “The scullery also has open shelves to make it easy to access things quickly.” Despite fusing classic elements with a light industrial feel, the kitchen achieves harmony. “The consistent use of black and white tones draws the various aspects of the design together,” says the designer. “Even the salt and pepper concrete floor contributes to this theme.” Top: A blackboard wall at the end of the scullery provides an ideal place for the owners’ children to doodle. Above: Open shelving makes for speedy access of contents in the scullery. Many elements – such as the white cabinetry, recessed handles, concrete floor and marble- look countertops – are continued from the main kitchen design. search | save | share at