Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 19

Facing page: Although placed at the back of the house, the entertaining kitchen is as light and bright as the living kitchen – thanks to the conservatory-like structure that wraps around it. Top: 1 Dining, 2 Living kitchen, 3 Pocket doors, 4 Entertaining kitchen, 5 Sliding glass conservatory doors, 6 Courtyard Above, left and right: ][X]\HHY][و]Z[[ˈY[\H\HX\Y[[[Y]\YZ[\Y[܈[[˜[[[\YXX\]X\]H[H[\Z[[][&\YHۈX[]B[\Z[[8$Hۙ\ۈH][˜]H\[\ٝ[]HHY[H\H[\Z[Y[˂'^H[[[ۈ\XZHHXš][]\H]\\H۝][8'HH^\¸'HYHܙX]Y[YHو][›YX[Z[[Y\[HY&][ZH]^HH] H][ BYHYXHو][HX][[Hۜ\]ܞK\[H[Y]ܚو\œ\H\]ۈوY][ 'B[H][\H[H\]Z\YX\]H\H]