Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 16

Previous pages: There are two fully-equipped kitchens arranged back-to-back in this expansive lakeside home. Shown here is the living kitchen – the day-to-day kitchen adjacent to the living spaces. Behind this is the equally impressive entertaining kitchen, used as a working kitchen by chefs when clients of the owner’s chocolate business are guests in the home. Above: This polished stainless steel and glass cabinet for dish storage was designed to fit neatly into the dimensions of a narrow structural wall next to the living kitchen. search | save | share at It’s not unusual these days for a home to have two kitchen areas, with the main kitchen out front plus a pantry or scullery out back for storage or some of the messier aspects of cooking or clean-up. Most often, the back kitchen is very much a secondary space, tucked away in an enclosed room with little or no natural light. The large lakeside home featured here has two kitchens – but they are a far cry from that typical arrangement. Created by designer Mick De Giulio, the two substantial kitchens sit back to back, both fully equipped and functioning, and both spacious and light-filled. De Giulio says he was fortunate that the home’s architect, Michael Abraham, came to him about the kitchen early in the design process. “He sketched out the footprint of the house and indicated an approximate posi- tion for the kitchen, and let me decide what I wanted to do,” says De Giulio. He describes his resulting design as a layered kitchen, with one layer used for everyday living and another layer for