Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5A New Zealand - Page 93

When it’s impossible to tell by looking whether a renovated house is a new build or a remodel, you know it’s a project that’s out of the ordinary. This house, built in the ’70s, is such a property. Architect Simon Rodrigues of Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects says the owners had been living in the home for 10 years and loved the huge size of the site and the high-end location. But they were not so enamoured of the interior, which was not well suited to modern living. Preceding pages: Perfect for entertaining on a grand scale, this 1970s house has been completely transformed with a major renovation that includes a new 16m x 4m north-facing terrace and a new swimming pool. Above left and top: At the front of the house a new cedar wall disguises the garaging and service entry. The main entrance is now highlighted with a new glazed canopy and front door. Above: Several walls were removed on the interior to create one large open-plan living space. This passage leads to service rooms. search | save | share at