Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5A New Zealand - Page 52

Previous pages and facing page: A variety of wood species feature in this new home and kitchen by architect Megan Edwards. The floor is American oak, the ceiling plywood and the wood cabinetry is in anegre. Above: A frameless corner window helps the kitchen niche connect with the garden outlooks beyond. Right: A plan of the living area shows how the corner kitchen flows into the adjoining study and divan spaces. search | save | share at The option to merge a kitchen with its wider setting is always the more interesting when the house itself has a distinctive character. For this new home and its kitchen, architect Megan Edwards has drawn on the styling of existing mid century homes in the area, where a limited palette and modest materials are used to rich effect. “Hanging off the edge of a steep bush clad site, the home has a warm enveloping interior,” says Edwards. “The kitchen, located in a corner of the double-height, open-plan living volume, is an extension of that welcoming ambience,” she