Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5 New Zealand - Page 96

Refined and peaceful This ornate Cape Cod-style home responds to its classic inspirations and its setting Choosing the right design for a house in a beautiful seaside setting can be tricky. One option is to consider the look of coastal homes popular in other countries. The owners of this high-end seaside home had lived in an existing house on the same property for years and had considered building a modern home on the site. However, they fell in love with a CapeCod-look house on their travels. So when it came time to build afresh, they asked house designer Mark Wilson to create a warm, solid and quiet home in this style. search | save | share at “Where a traditional Cape-Cod home would be constructed in timber, this house is built in solid, noise-proof concrete, then over clad in weatherboard,” says Wilson. The double-structure is not only quiet, it’s also highly durable, creating a home that will look its best for generations. As well as the classic weatherboards, the house also has all the other features of a Cape Cod home. These include eyebrow and round windows, dormers, and detailed frieze board mouldings; as well as sprocket eave extensions, small-paned windows, circular columns and the timber shingled roof. In addition, the copper downpipes are intended to verdigris over time for a sense of history – a process that has been hastened by the salt-laden sea air. Adding to its grandness, the house has a verandah running around most sides – this is perhaps more of a Hamptons touch. In another departure, a Cape Cod home might have a fairly square footprint. Here the constraints of the site, which doglegs around another property, means it only really opens up at the beachfront end.