Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5 New Zealand - Page 62

Above: One set of shelves to the side of the bathroom are used a convenient study area. Above right: A double basin vanity is cantilevered on the other side of the bedhead, with two doublesided mirrors suspended above. Facing page: As throughout the house, services were left exposed within the concrete structure. This even applies to the water heater above the shower, though it is wrapped in perforated stainless steel. The bathroom can be opened up to outside views by raising the black blinds behind the storage shelves and next to the shower. search | save | share at maintains the open feel, while still giving a sense of visual division between the bedroom and bathroom areas. Meanwhile, the toilet and shower are enclosed within a glass box and accessed through two sliding glass panels. see more online: search 48518 at see all of the house, search: 48517 at Architect: John Bulcock, Design Unit Builder: Indacon Flooring: Polished concrete Cabinetry: Korus Interiors Shower enclosure: Korus Interiors Shower fittings and taps: Toto Bath: Toto Basin: Toto Toilet: Toto Blinds: RB Fabrica, Moonlight Industries Story by Paul Taylor Photography by Lin Ho