Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5 New Zealand - Page 17

“We set the two Linea Smeg ovens side by side at the owners’ request as they didn’t really want a stacked effect in the galley kitchen. We then added the beautiful Smeg four-in-a-row gas hob, with its classic raised trivets, alongside.” Hannah says that installing the delicate glass benchtop can be unforgiving – so being able to position the slender hob effortlessly in the rear bench with minimal cutting was a major bonus. And the designer specified the Smeg double sink in the island for similar reasons. The sink is in the same slender proportions as the hob and as such provides a pleasing symmetrical link. In addition, the sink has a mixer and air switch built into the central stainless steel partition so it’s easy to use and again avoided the potential to compromise the glass by cutting holes into it. “The recessed aluminium strip handles and toekicks ideally complement the matt stainless steel accent strips on the Linea appliances.” For detailed information on the Smeg Linea Collection, visit the web: search: smeg or 48815 at Facing page: The shiny boldness of this kitchen by designer Damian Hannah is offset by pops of colour from rugs and artworks. The black cabinetry runs on into the next room, too, blurring the lines of the kitchen. Above: A picture of black backpainted glass, the kitchen has two Linea wall ovens, a Linea gas, fourburner hob and a double stainless steel sink with mixer and air switch. Photography by Paul McCredie. search | save | share at