Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 5 New Zealand - Page 135

Purified form Subtle near-white wall tones from Resene let the strong architectural forms in this home speak for themselves While New Zealanders have a love of vibrant colour, there is another more subtle way to create a dramatic impact for your interiors. This grand, double-height atrium provides a spectacular entry point in a contemporary home by architect Wayne Houston. “Having designed an earlier residence for the owners, this time they wanted me to create a retirement home with a feeling of permanence and solidity. They showed me an example of what they required on a website of Mid century American Design and we used that as the initial inspiration for this bold, sculptural home. “However, the use of vibrant colour would have been over-powering in the design,” says Houston. “Instead, they wanted a subtle tone, remarking that ‘white is the colour of sculpture’. “That said, a pure white would have been too reflective in this soaring double volume. We then considered Resene Black White, a colour that I love, but went instead for Resene Sea Fog, with its slightly darker tone.” Resene Sea Fog is a versatile white with a hint of grey, best used with other muted colours. While it can be hard to see the difference in these tonal hues when viewed in separate spaces, the difference is much clearer when they are placed side by side – and even more obvious when painted over a large wall surface. Here, Resene Sea Fog both highlights the architectural elements in the atrium and also provides a perfect surface for the shadow play from the clerestory windows, the room’s feature pendant and the sconces above the stairs. For further details, visit a Resene ColorShop, or freephone 0800 RESENE (737 363), or go to the website: Left: Grand entrance – architect Wayne Houston of Houston Architects specified Resene Sea Fog as an ideal wall covering to both highlight the sculptural nature of this entry and to accentuate the shadowplay from the room’s various lighting sources. Recommended complementary colours for Resene Sea Fog can be found in the Resene Total Colour System. search: resene or 48859 at search | save | share at