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Natural finish As much a home feature as an enduring surface, Permacolour concrete comes in many looks The practical advantages of concrete are well documented. However, it’s an equally versatile surface in terms of aesthetics. Permacolour manufactures and distributes a broad range of colourants, sealers, decorative products and tools to the concrete industry, based on over 30 years in the industry, says the firm’s Anthony Kirkoff. “The wide diversity of Permacolour’s product range allows for the dramatic enhancement of new concrete applications as well as the decorative refurbishment of all existing concrete surfaces. “We also have cement-based, coloured plasters and paints for specific application to internal and external wall surfaces.” The three images seen here illustrate the diversity of the Permacolour ranges – they all evoke the natural world in cement, whether it’s stamped for the look of wood or stone, or left with exposed aggregate. These affordable designer surfaces can bring alive a humdrum part of your project, such as a driveway, walkway, patio, internal floors or even a countertop. Together with the exposed, stamped, brushed or textured finishes, a range of sealants are available to optimise functionality and further enhance a look, including highlighting a colour, adding a glamorous gloss, or using a matt finish for safety. For further details on the Permacolour range, and to find your local store, go to the website: save & share 48121 at This page: Pebbles, stone, and wood boards? No, these designer surfaces are all concrete with decorative finishes and sealants from Permacolour. search | save | share at