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Winning outlook Indoor and outdoor lines blur in this home with a giant 7m sliding window from Windowmakers The right window system can lift your home design to the next level. As a guide, big is good, and so is operable. The site for this contemporary family home widened at the rear. In response, architectural designer Joseph Long designed the house to be wider and open up at the back. A key feature became the large multislider with a custom-designed, complex internal corner – a true statement piece. This particular style of Windowmakers joinery is very modern – square and chunky, says Long of LTD Architectural. “It’s an ideal complement to the home’s form and the materials. We chose substantial sliders which stack over the cladding, combined with a tricky support-free corner structure. Together they achieve a generous, unobstructed indoor-outdoor flow.” Owner-builder Ryan Thomas, director of Armada Construction, says because the work involved an internal 100° corner he felt Windowmakers was the only firm they could rely on for the precision outcome. Heidi Johnston of Windowmakers was also pleased at the outcome. “We love this system – the design helps maximise space and brings light flooding into the interior. “In addition, with young children, it’s reassuring to know there are two skins of safety glass in this product,” Thomas says. For more, visit the Windowmakers Design Centre, 79 Forge Rd, Silverdale, Auckland, phone 0800 89 49 89, email, or alternatively go to the web: save and share 48229 at This page: This home has a giant 7m-wide external slider window joinery system from Windowmakers. search | save | share at