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showhome in Rotorua and wanted this breezy, light-filled design for their own home. However, they made several tweaks to the design to optimise connection to the land – and other small things that just made it feel their own, says Oceanside project manager Søren Antonsen. “For example, we switched from tilt doors in the sunroom to 4m bifolds that tuck back to create a 7m-wide opening. This allowed for panoramic views of the Mount and Mayor Island. “The couple also added a north-facing deck and swapped the position of the garage and media room for a better relationship with the greenhouse-like entry and the landscaping.” The Lockwood Gullwing has a master suite with attached office at one end and two guest bedrooms at the other, separated by the main living spaces. The polished concrete floor is kept at a comfortable temperature year round by solar powered in-concrete water heating. To view the myriad customisable Lockwood Homes available, go to search lockwood or 47994 at These pages: Cedar battens on this Lockwood Gullwing add to the home’s natural feel and cast attractive shadows on the lowupkeep cladding. This house was tweaked from the design plans and built by Oceanside Homes. The single-glazed sunroom and double garage sit outside the 263m2 home’s snug thermal envelope. During the day, they soak up the sun’s warmth, and then transfer it into the house at night to keep it warm. search | save | share at