Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 69

much as for utility. All messy aspects of food preparation are relegated to a walk-in pantry. The kitchen plays an important part in the inside-outside design, too. The main kitchen extends past the side of the glass wall as an alfresco kitchen, complete with barbecue, wine fridge and its own cabinetry. A near-invisible glass pivot door separates the two kitchens. While they appear to be a single kitchen, one visible difference is in the treatment of the splashback. This changes from sleek stainless steel indoors to alternating horizontal strips of opaque and clear glass for the outdoor kitchen. Top: Whether open or shut, large glass doors allow views throughout the living spaces to the river. The flooring is Jura limestone, while the millwork is in cedar. Above: As much a sculptural event as a practical workspace, the indoor kitchen offers balanced forms and materials, with the island under-lit to dramatic effect. The messy side of kitchen life is relegated to a walk-in pantry directly behind. A low central counter acts as a serving platform. search | save | share at