Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 65

harsh summer sun, yet admit low winter light that passively heats the concrete floors. Operable clerestory windows at the rear of the pavilions let in the late afternoon sun and provide passive ventilation. Other environmental touches include a vented roof cavity to avoid condensation build-up, often an issue for homes in cool climes. A high level of insulation and high performance glazing were also specified. Another plus is the home’s thermally separated floor slab with hydronic heating that can be controlled remotely. Architect and kitchen designer: Regan Johnston (formerly of Mason & Wales Architects) Builder: Mark Duffy Builders Roofing: Eurotray Window/door joinery: Vistalite Aluminium Kitchen manufacturer: Joinery Specialists Cabinetry: MDF, Mirotone finish, by Joinery Specialists Benchtops: Corian Taps: Paini Cox Oven, hob, refrigerator: Fisher & Paykel, from Selectrix, Wanaka Ventilation: Schweigen, from Selectrix, Wanaka Lighting: ECC Paint: Resene Furniture and blinds: McKenzie & Willis, Wanaka Speakers and control systems: Selectrix, Wanaka Outdoor furniture: McKenzie & Willis, Wanaka Barbecue: DCS Grill, from Selectrix, Wanaka Story by John Williams Photography by Jamie Cobel see more images, search: 48625 at search: alpine homes at search | save | share at