Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 40

Tropical escape A step away from a heated outdoor spa, this wood-rich bathroom takes on the exotic, relaxed flavour of an island resort Above: Macrocarpa battens on a custom shelving unit to the left and custom shower stall to the right set the scene for this Indonesian-look bathroom by designer and co-owner Fraser Gillies. Right: The showerstall cladding has black waterproof sheeting behind the battens, creating a sense of depth. The complex stall interior includes bamboo-look tiles, a perforated stainless steel recessed shelf and even a small foot step. The bathroom’s tile floor is heated and a recessed stainless steel toekick on the vanity includes strip LED lighting to create a floating effect. When a burst pipe caused extensive water damage, it provided owners Sandy and Fraser Gillies with the opportunity to rethink their old bathroom from scratch. “As both client and designer, we wanted something different – a tropical spa accent to complement the spa pool just beyond the bay window,” Fraser Gillies says. “This also suited the Pacifica theme of the house. “We never used the existing bath, so we replaced a combined bath-shower unit with a large walk-in shower with double shower heads, bamboo-look tilework and search | save | share at an inset perforated stainless steel shelf. The sloping floor drains to a slimline stainless steel channel.” Fitting with the exotic theme, Gillies chose a dark-stained macrocarpa battened wall for the showerstall’s cladding. Black-painted waterproof sheeting behind the slats creates a sense of depth, while a below-floor brace support system allowed for a cantilever on the end section of the wall, facing the bathroom entrance. Opposite the shower at the entry, an internally lit display unit brings balance.