Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 31

Light and playful Designed for both children and adults, this bathroom features asymmetrical elements and a play between straight and curved lines Turning a potential negative into a positive is an essential skill for a designer. On this guest bathroom, Natalie Du Bois worked with a ceiling of varying angles. Painting it white downplayed its presence. However, the ceiling also provided a starting point for a playful aspect of the design. “We achieved a modern, interesting look by continuing the asymmetrical composition of the ceiling throughout the rest of the bathroom. This is seen in the asymmetrical basin and in the angled shape of the Egg freestanding bath.” At the same time, the bathroom’s angular lines are softened by Du Bois’ contrasting use of curves, seen in the mirror, basin, toilet and bath. One request of the client was for a practical bath for small children to be bathed in – another reason for choosing this low-level small bath. “Although there aren’t any windows, only two skylights, the bathroom had to feel light and welcoming. To achieve this, we illuminated focal points – the niches at the side of the shower and bath have LED lights built in and floor lights behind the tub give this a sculptural look.” The sides walls have textured timber-look porcelain tiles to give the space a warm natural feel and bring balance to the long, narrow room. Preceding pages: A glass showerstall maximises the sense of space in this guest bathroom by designer Natalie Du Bois. These pages: Working with irregular ceiling planes, the designer both quietened the angles with soft tones and at the same time played off their angular presence with an asymmetrical bath and basin. The smallish bath was chosen for easy use by children, and the bath spout is to one side to allow an adult to help. search | save | share at