Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 23

glass – has depth and a crystalline quality, an appropriate finish for the upmarket setting. ” The house follows a graceful curve and this is picked up again on the bathroom’s rear wall. To keep the look minimalist, toilets, storage and a clothing closet are integrated into this. “We set the clean-lined custom vanity in the middle of the space so the owners can still take in the views while using it. The vanity has a light, floating quality – accentuated by a reveal under the countertop.” The bathroom follows an L-shape, with the shower area off in an arm of its own. The double shower is designed with a seating area between each zone and, as with the rest of the bathroom, can be completely opened up to the terrace. The ensuite also continues the use of large terrazzo stone found throughout the home. As with the nano glass, this offers a reflective surface, adding to the white, bright aesthetic. “However, generous overhangs and a white motorised curtain bring control over the sun,” says Mungall. “In a sense, the inside bathroom is only part of the ensuite. This end section of the terrace includes a sculptural fire pit – a lovely way to dry off in the open air.” Above left: Room with quite a view – this white, light, minimalist bathroom lets downtown Hollywood views take centre stage. Toilets, storage and a clothing closet are all set into the rear wall, so that nothing comes between the occupant and the outlook. Above: As with the main area of the bathroom, the shower zone opens directly onto the expansive terrace. search | save | share at