Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 13

room is the design of the shower enclosure. “I wanted to retain the uninterrupted views from the shower, but needed to provide privacy as well.” The solution was something that Gacesa says may never have been done before – the glass panel between the shower and vanity is a massive one-way mirror, made more effective by the dark wall in the shower and the ceiling lights above the vanity. “It’s a trick you don’t get sick of. I like to create illusions, so people look at something – and do a double-take.” Facing page and top: Like the dressing room behind it, the shower can be accessed from both sides. The back wall of the shower has a central panel of Corian, flanked by the same Hosowari porcelain tiles used on the wall behind the bed. Above: The glass panel between the shower and vanity has three layers, includin g one with the fret pattern seen elsewhere in the suite. From within the shower, the view is maintained, while from the bathroom side the glass is mirror-like. Left: The suite is like a luxury self-contained hotel room, complete with a small kitchen and laundry. search | save | share at