Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 3 New Zealand - Page 117

It’s a smart kitchen remodel that hangs onto the essence of a 50s home even when the plan, look, functionality and materials are transformed for 21st century living. Part of a whole-house transformation by designer Kevin Cozen, this light-filled kitchen replaces a narrow, dark workspace that was walled off from the living area. Cozen says he wanted to add light and a sense of space to the reinvented interior. Part of his approach was taking out the wall and raising door frames to meet the newly stripped back original wood ceiling. “In terms of the layout, we used the extra space gained from the removed wall to push the under-counter cabinetry half a metre out – widening the kitchen footprint. A cantilevered countertop accommodates stool seating on the living room side. “We were mindful to keep the kitchen as simple and monolithic as possible to retain the home’s welcoming Mid-century Modern sensibility,” Cozen says. “To this end, the cabinetry forms are strong and unadorned and the reworked kitchen’s material palette is intentionally restricted.” Above: This reinvented kitchen forms part of a whole-house renovation by designer Kevin Cozen of Classical Progression. Together with most non-structural walls in the home, the wall between the kitchen and living spaces was taken out and the original upper cabinetry removed, optimising views, light and a sense of space for the Mid-century Modern home. The peninsula island was moved out towards the dining area by a few centimetres, taking up the area the wall had occupied. This move provided valuable extra floor space for the once narrow kitchen. search | save | share at