Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 2 New Zealand - Page 89

vertical battens meets the warmth of red cedar vertical weatherboards. “Despite its relatively modest size, at 300m2, the house feels much larger. This is due to vistas through the interior and long views out to the garden and sea, framed by picture windows.” In addition, having courtyards step in on both sides maximises light flow on the interior. “The focus on natural light and multiple external views allows the owners to feel very connected to the natural world,” says Scully. In terms of interior colours, a vibrant red front door greets visitors and they see the same red on the kitchen splashback in the pavilion. “Generally, the interior is in natural tones with walnut flooring and cabinetry. And there’s a feature floating staircase in the same wood. This is accentuated with LED lights rebated on the underside of the treads,” says Scully. Energy efficiency was another design focus for the owners – a large gas fireplace has ducts that run beneath the floor, heating the home. The house is future-proof, too. The ground floor guest suite is designed with extra wide openings to the entry hall and this could be used as a master bedroom further down the line. Above: The main upstairs bathroom has a large-format porcelain tile with the look o f marble. The shower and bath area take up the width of the room. The black cabinetry seen here, as with black joinery and wood surfaces through the home, complements the lush outdoor environment. The basin faucets, shower and bath hardware and glass shower stall all contribute to the crisp, modern aesthetic. search | save | share at