Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 2 New Zealand - Page 72

Trusted winner A practical feature in this award-winning interior, a handy Hideaway Laundry Hamper makes life easier Taking ‘most trusted brand’ in category is something to be proud of. To manage that feat two years in a row says a whole lot about the product – and the company. Hideaway Bins has achieved this at the Trusted Brand Awards 2014 and 2015. And a Laundry Hamper by Hideaway Bins was also a component of this award-winning Interior of the Year by the highly regarded designer Natalie DuBois. It fits with the clean, contemporary look and helps keep this multi-use space pristine. The Laundry Hamper is a high quality storage solution for any home – whether to hide laundry, store extra linen or to use as a removable light-weight washing basket, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen. “The 60L hamper features air vents to avoid moisture build-up while its smooth, contoured sides are designed to be gentle on your clothing. Moulded handles make removing the hamper easy,” says Bertelsen. Set low in the frame to allow for overloading, the Laundry Hamper has a solid base to protect it from drips and damage. And the hamper’s robust steel frame easily carries the weight of wet washing. “The Hideaway Laundry Hamper is ideal for the bathroom, laundry or wardrobe – it fits snugly behind a 450mm door,” says Bertelsen. “There’s also a new version specifically designed for laundry chutes.” For details of the comprehensive range of Hideaway Bins now available, phone (09) 426 7456, search: hideaway or 47661 at Right: A Hideaway Laundry Hamper completes this multi-purpose space within the Interior of the Year 2015 winner by Natalie Du Bois Design. search | save | share at