Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 32 No 2 New Zealand - Page 116

Above: The master bedroom commands open yet private views of the leafy suburban surroundings. The master ensuite is through the door on the left. To the right, you can look through into the second lounge and one of the other three bedrooms on this level. External battens and those at the top of the stairway are echoed by the vertical wood battens on the masterbed beadhead. While the floors are wood downstairs, most of the upstairs features a rich yet hard-wearing carpet in a neutral tone. Mirrored drawer fronts on the bedside cabinets add to the bedroom’s glam factor. interiors to the front yard and the pool deck on this side of the home. The design efficiently dovetails its lifestyle elements into the tricky fan-shaped corner site – in a home that that effectively “turns its back on the street” says Lau. “The finer points of the interior layout are an exercise in efficient space planning, too,” he says. “A large scullery screens clutter from the kitchen while the kitchen is two steps from dining and living areas. The laundry is behind and to one side of the kitchen. The bedroom at this level search | save | share at could be ideal for elderly homeowners who want to live on the ground floor, or for stay-over children or grandchildren. It’s set to one side, near the double garage, offering privacy while stil &Vr66RFFRg&FvR"&F&( ХW7F'226V6BVvRvFWFVFVBVgfWw2F&VvFRf@7&VFVB'FR7FWVB֖6W'G&BFP7WB֖fB6&fFW2f"VB6W&F&WGvVVFR7FW"7VFRR6FPBFR&F&BF&VR&R&VG&2FRFW"ࠠ